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Money & Debt

Go to Citizens Advice Debt and Money or follow the links to the frequently asked questions:

Citizens Advice Havant also has a lottery funded project called Work out your Money with its own website where you can find out information about our local courses for helping you budget: Work Out Your Money

  • I’m not sure I’m receiving the best deal from my energy supplier. What can I do? - Citizens Advice
  • How can I claim back Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) free of charge? - Money Saving Expert
  • How do I complain about a payday lender? - Citizens Advice
  • What are my options for dealing with my debts? - Citizens Advice
  • What action can my creditor take against me for not paying back money that I owe? - Citizens Advice
  • I’m being chased by a creditor, what can I do? - Citizens Advice
  • What happens if bailiffs come round? - Citizens Advice
  • What happens if my creditors take me to court? - Citizens Advice
  • I’m in arrears with my mortgage, what help is available? - Citizens Advice
  • I’m behind with my rent, what should I do? - Citizens Advice
  • My electricity/gas might be stopped as I have not been meeting payments, what can I do? - Citizens Advice
  • I want to manage my debts myself, are there any guides telling me what to do? - National Debtline
  • I don’t want to pay for a debt management plan, are there any free services other than Citizens Advice? - StepChange Debt Charity  or  Payplan
  • I have not made any repayments on a debt and not had any contact about a debt from the creditor for six years. Do I still need to pay it? - National Debtline
  • Food banks - Hampshire County Council or for local foodbanks to Havant visit your nearest local Citizens Advice
  • Is there any local help as I have no money? - Hampshire County Council
If you have not found the answer you are looking for and would like some direct help on debt from one of our advisers - then please complete the form below so that we have enough information to be able to help. Your information is held in a secure place and kept confidential.. You can read our Citizens Advice Privacy Policy by clicking here. We will respond as quickly as we can and we aim to respond within 5 working days. Please note that we can only provide online advice if you live or work in the Havant area

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